Introducing 6xCertified Post Op Practitioner/Body Sculptor Monierica Thomas known as Prima Donna

Monierica Thomas known as Prima Donna is the leading lady of the south with beauty enhancements. She specializes in Lash Extensions, Colombian Style Post Op and Body Sculpting, Hyaluronic Acid Fillers and many more. She travels with individuals for cosmetic surgery and provide services in their private location or Recovery Home. Monierica is a medical assistant, phlebotomy, health and wellness coach along with many other credentials. Monierica have Doctoral in Entrepreneurship from National University. Monierica is highly recommended in the south and very knowledgeable and passionate of all services she provides

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Pranks Forever: A Young Talented Prankster Taking the World by Storm

Pranks Forever is one of the young talented content creators taking the world by storm using his creatively crafted content that attracts the attention of every viewer who comes across them.

With his strong determination to succeed in life and a burning desire to achieve his dreams, not even age could be a barrier to his destiny as he started his YouTube channel at the age of 9. Through pranks, Pranks Forever added life to the days of many using highly entertaining content.

Born on June 4th, 2008, Pranks Forever’s journey to becoming one of the famous social media Icons is a perfect example of a dream-come-true. Since his childhood, the upcoming social media celebrity found his place in the entertainment niche, unleashing some of the most amusing pranks that even serious people couldn’t withstand and stop laughing.

“In my childhood, I would always love playing pranks on people. I loved prank toys from the dollar store and scaring my family members. Like any other child these days, my dream was to become a YouTuber,” says the content creator, explaining how he started Pranks Forever career.

Due to Pranks Forever’s great interest in tech, it was on that premise that his first YouTube brand was based. And cringey tech vlogs became the best starting point for the young tech enthusiast, creating his first channel known as “cj vlogs.”

“My dad supported me, while my mom wasn’t too sure about me being on social media at such a young age. At that age, when I wanted a channel (about 9), I was also really interested in technology. In fact, that was what I wanted my channel to be about.

“I would make cringey little tech videos and show them to my mom, hoping that she would finally let up and let me have a YouTube channel. I think I finally got too annoying, and my mom finally let up. My new channel was called “cj vlogs.”

Pranks Forever created cringey Vlogs for a year, changing the brand name from “cj vlogs” to “ccj vlogs” and finally “ccj official,” where he started creating reaction videos. However, the reaction videos didn’t work well. A few months later, he started playing pranks on people, leveraging the passion he had since childhood, and rebranded to “Pranks Forever.”

Pranks Forever is the best idea the young content creator had ever imagined. The brand has gained a massive popularity, raking in about 100,000 followers on Instagram and more than 50,000  people subscribing to the channel.

“Ever since I changed my name and started doing pranks, I’ve been getting thousands of views each day,” said Pranks Forever, adding that it was one of the best decisions he has ever made.

Despite being just a small startup, Pranks Forever was motivated by the success made by other Youtubers. So, he also wanted to be successful in the same career field. Through relentless hard work and self-determination, Pranks Forever has become one of the conspicuous brands in social media and content creation.

[Event April 30th 2022] Fine Dining For Your Soul

Fine Dining For Your Soul was created by a restaurant owner who lost her business during COVID and wanted to continue to serve and inspire others. Notcho Momma Seafood and many other businesses had to close its doors so Business Owner Katrina Jones wanted to prove that God can turn your lemons into lemonade. She created an event where people can learn about business and avoid the mistakes she encountered and enjoy high quality food prepared with her recipes. Fine Dining For Your Soul is an event designed for you to look at the potential in you and make something out of nothing. It’s designed to spark the flame in you!

Marijuana Mogul Ed Forchion Goes 4/20 Crypto During Miami Tech Month Releasing His NJWeedman NFT Collection

Miami, FL – With a marijuana themed empire based in Trenton, NJ and Miami, FL, marijuana mogul, activist and gangapreneur, Ed “NJWeedman” Forchion, is blowing smoke into higher realms. Forchion is releasing his NJWeedman NFT Collection during Miami Tech Month on the heels of the Miami NFT Week conference. The collection drops on 4/20, the internationally celebrated cannabis holiday.  Forchion will mint three different collections on the Rarible NFT Marketplace (, available through Ethereum. The collection can be viewed at

The NJWeedman NFT Collection will fall under the categories of Support, Yacht and Membership, with each NFT purchase designated accordingly. A single “Support” category NFT will be made available on 04/20 with the proceeds supporting Forchion’s endeavor to produce his streaming platform shows. The 4/20 NFT will continue to stay open for sale with different projects and initiatives being announced by Forchion.  The “Yacht” NFT will grant yearly access for two people on Forchion’s Cannabis Cruise line.  The “Membership” NFT will have multi-utility and serve as different forms of payment for cover charges for parties and special events.

“With my storefront, NJWeedman’s Joint in Trenton, now owned and operated by my daughters, and The Joint of Miami, the cannabis friendly art and music lounge, under the direction and ownership of my son and niece, I have more time on my hands to expand and pursue different interests.  So, I’m making the leap into NFT’s as a viable means for fund raising. NFT art is all the rage right now and I’ve had several inquiries for NJWeedman NFT’s. Given my long-standing legacy, it seems like a great next adventure,” offers Forchion.

Ed “NJWeedman” Forchion has a zealous history of fighting and documenting the inequities in the cannabis industry for over three decades now.  As one of the first Black activist in the movement, dating back to the early 90’s, Forchion has spent over 1200 days in prison, fighting for the right to smoke and sell pot. Forchion asserts that new laws are being set to criminalize growers and small legacy vendors like him, while awarding billion-dollar contracts to corporations for the sales, distribution, and marketing of the plant.

In the past, Forchion has been vehemently retaliated against by the powers that be and his battle with politicians, the police, the courts, even the DEA are all public record. His legend has grown exponentially like the plant, with mainstream media like NBC News in New York, ABC-TV Nightline, Cheddar News, VICE News, MSNBC, and most recently The Philadelphia Inquirer, all documenting his affairs.  As the co-founder of NJWeedman’s Joint in Trenton, NJ and the founder of The Joint of Miami in Florida, he is a legacy market success story in the making.

Stay current with him at and view the NJWeedman NFT Collection at

Oregon’s elite Cannabis Farms Companies recruit rising artist CasinoATX to release his very own Strain

Over the course of the last decade, “rapper weed” has gone from a tier of potency to a lucrative and all too logical brand expansion for some of hip-hop’s most industrious stoners. In fact, many didn’t even wait for states to legalize recreational purchase and use to cash in on the early phases of rap’s “green rush.” Veterans like Snoop Dogg and Berner were amongst hip-hop’s first (and frankly, most predictable) founders of cannabis companies.

Now, as the industry enters a new era driven by celebrity activations, generally destigmatized consumption, and growing demands for federal legalization, other longtime cannabis connoisseurs are entering the market and developing some of the strongest flowers ever smoked.

CasinoATX collabs with popular Oregon Cannabis Companies “Funk Extracts” & “Happy Daddy Gardens” to deliver his very own cannabis extract “Cherry Mints” with a obligatory key focus for top Quality production. Available in most Oregon Dispensaries.

Casino’s signature strain shares a lot of the rapper’s strengths. A powerful, dense, and tranquilizing smoke, the OG kush offshoot packs a round of punches in just few pulls. On top of being an intensely pleasant smoke, the strain reportedly aids with Anxiety, Arthritis aches, as well as a range of neurological conditions. Enjoy your Power Plant with the Cherry Mints very own soundtrack.
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Blessionaire Apparel. Luxuary Lifestyle Brand | @blessionaire

Blessionaire Apparel. Luxuary Lifestyle Brand

CEO-ISHHH is Building a Multi Million Dollar Clothing Empire!!! Meet Ceo–Ishhh, an ambitious entrepreneur building a multi-million dollar clothing empire. He is also a celebrity manager, publicist and wealth coach. CEO-ISHHH is the owner of “Blessionaire Apparel” worn by many celebs including DJ Envy, Harlem Globetrotter “Bull Bullard”, Mo’ne Davis,  Trent Crews from Love n Hip Hop and many more. DJ Envy can be seen on the breakfast club wearing the “Blessionaire Apparel” brand in interviews with T.D Jakes, Steve Stoute, Amanda Edwards, Ryan Leslie, Deval Patrick, and more.

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CEO-ISHHH | Blessionaire. ™ Apparel | Ceo-Status-Quo

[Fashion] Introducing “Rich Thoughts Poor Habits Clothing”

Rich Thoughts Poor Habits Clothing” is not only to be recognized as an clothing company, but as a movement branded in the community by enRiching the minds with knowledge on self-improvement, positivity, and motivation. So many of us have thoughts and desires to be RICH, whether it be financially or thru achieving realization of our true self-worth, unfortunately most of us also practice daily poor habits. The Rich Thoughts Poor Habits Brand is about taking something negative and making it positive and motivating. You have to think RICH, if you want to become it.

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Introducing Hustle Bunny Clothing Line!

This brand was created to represent me, to represent you, to represent us. Since everything’s a hustle and everybody hustles everyday this is for you. This is for the stay at home mom that hustles everyday to make sure they’re kids are off to school, practice, and games. This was created for Wifey who hustles to make sure Hubby is happy everyday. This is for today’s businesswoman that hustles in those corporate offices day in and day out. This is for self-made Boss Ladies that hustle to make sure their businesses succeed. This is for women who support other womens hustle. This is for my women who get their hustle on in sports, the newsrooms, the military, the gym, the clubs, the entertainment industries, and abroad, bottom line ladies this is for us who get our hustle on all across the world globally. If this applies to you then you to are a Hustle Bunny…..

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Check out: The Liquids Club™, the premier bottled water! | @TheLiquidsClub

The Liquids Club™, the premier bottled water for every aspect of a healthy lifestyle, introduces a collection of waters that are alkaline, electrolyzed and oxygenated. The Liquids Club™ suite of enhanced waters has been specifically formulated to fill the emerging needs of the health conscious consumer. It is in an innovative designed BPA free bottle. Being mindful for hydration needs, the collection is customized for the active and on the go consumer. Alkalinity Water is specifically formulated with a pH 10+ to give a perfect balance for optimal hydration. Electrolyte Water is precisely calibrated to replenish electrolytes lost in strenuous, intensive physical activity. Oxygenated Water is proprietarily made to enhance circulation to the cellular level which gives you a competitive edge by increasing energy, relieving fatigue and joint pain. “The dire situation uncovered in Flint, Michigan in 2014 led me to discover that most municipal water supplies are tainted. I wanted to create a bottled water that does more than just hydrate” shares founder and CEO Maduro Hill. Globally, an estimated 2 billion people use a drinking water source contaminated with sewage according to the World Health Organization. Water related diseases cause 3.4 million deaths each year according to Vestergaard. The Liquids Club™ has created an innovative facility utilizing the highest level of state of the art technology with proprietary formula’s, processes and systems to control the integrity of the product. Be Like Water. Be Everywhere. Invest in yourself and drink healthy. © To learn more about The Liquids Club™, please visit or connect with The Liquids Club™ on Instagram and Twitter. About The Liquids Club™ The premier bottled water for every aspect of a healthy lifestyle. The Liquids Club™ has created an innovative facility with the highest level of state of the art technology to create the water itself. Their philosophy is Be Like Water. Be Everywhere. Invest in yourself and drink healthy. ©


The Liquids Club™ @LiquidsClub