KB8 – I’m a Piece of Shit | @KB8_music

KB8 drops his latest single I Am A Piece Of Shit make sure to check that out above on his official Youtube channel and below on spotify.KB8 stays dropping new music with a different sound on each new track he drops make sure to keep up with a dope artist by following him on his social media platforms listed below and leave some feedback in the comment sections.

Rosewood Swing – Downtown Vegas | @oneliferosewood

Rosewood Swing drops his latest visual on his official Youtube channel make sure to check that out above and leave some feedback in the comment sections listed below. Dont sleep on a dope artists Rosewood Swiing will be dropping all new material all of 2021 so make sure to follow him on social media also listed below.

Peninsula Baby – Hear it Calling | @PeninsulaBaby

Peninsula Baby dropped his latest visual Hear It Calling last year in october this song and visual is dope make sure to check it out above and leave some feedback in the comment sections below and if you like his sound make sure to give him a follow on social media also listed below dont sleep on a dope up and coming artist.

Kiamo – Unpredictable | @notoriouskiamo

Kiamo returns with a new single “Unpredictable”.  The single contains a acoustic kinda of sound, with a guitar playing & many of other instruments. Kiamo also showcases his versatility with the hook in Unpredictable, you hear Kiamo use his vocals. The story telling, within the verses too, also has special meaning to them. You even hear Kiamo break down a story his has with hiphop legend “O.C” in verse 2. Kiamo currently working on his upcoming album “La Costa Nostra” which plans to be Kiamo first official studio album which will be distributed through his label “Corner Of The World Records” & with the help of his management team “Lord Ent”. The album plans to drop sometime this fall.
Instagram & Twitter = @notoriouskiamo
Unpredictable song link ( Spotify)
Unpredictable song link ( SoundCloud )

Time 2 Grind Presented By JadaKiss

Time 2 Grind a dope mix of up and coming artists put together by JadaKiss and his team make sure to check out this tape front to back by clicking the image above or clicking the link below. Each artist has their Instagram name in the track name so if you like what you hear dont hesitate to give them a follow and let them know what you think abou their work. Again huge shout out to the Legend Jadakiss for using his platform to bring light to the up and coming artist. If you want to be on the next series dm Jadakiss directly on his instagram he will respond,

Topmixtapes https://topmixtapes.com/mixtapes/view/Time-2-Grind-Presented-By-JadaKiss.518469.html

BRAND NU ft TRENCH BABY – GET SOME | @brandnumoney78

Brand Nu Drops his latest visual ft. Trench Baby Get Some on his official Youtube channel make sure to check that out above and leave some feedback in the comment sections what you think about it. Brand Nu will be dropping all new material all of 2021 so make sure to check that out and keep up with him by following him on his instagram listed below.

J. Vybe -Karma | @j_vybe1221


J. Vybe a dope up and coming artist from Massacusetts drops his latest track Karma on all major streaming platforms. Click the image above to check it out and add it to your spotify playlists. J. Vybe will be dropping all new music soon make sure to give him a follow on all his official social sites also listed below. Dont sleep on a dope up and coming artist.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/J.Vybe1221/?view_public_for=100249822028495

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/j.vybe/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/j_vybe1221

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/0zwndE1WDBIVIZLvg7FSVd

KARMA Track Link (spotify) – https://open.spotify.com/album/61abXeDzedNQAEoBf6ymUE?si=M2u9CSTGTKOjfWzX39XwQQ

Apple Music – https://music.apple.com/us/artist/j-vybe/1547041170

Bandcamp – https://jvybe.bandcamp.com/releases

Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/j-vybe


Recently the rapper, The Game, has been in the headlines for allegedly scamming unsigned artists, however, if we dive into the facts, we can see these allegations are completely false and more fake news for attention grabbing, click bait headlines for blogs that will post anything for a dollar amount without fact checking. The Game has opened up his social media platform to offer unique promotional opportunities utilizing his social media platform which has over 11 Million followers and provides services such as intros, outros, audio/video drops, shoutouts and promotion on his instagram and twitter, and a mixtape. To be able to have The Game perform an audio drop that the consumer can add to their song only enhances their track. Having the game provide video content that a consumer can implement into a music video or utilize to promote oneself is priceless. To be able to get into The Game’s social media feed can’t be done anywhere else, which provides extreme value, especially given his engagements and following. The mixtape is being called a scam but there’s no scam. The consumers are getting placement on his mixtape, and it gets promoted on Soundcloud, Datpiff and Top Mixtapes. The mixtape also gets promoted on The Game’s IG page, which again has 11 Million Followers. Additionally, those that paid to be on the mixtape also received additional separate promotion in the form of IG Stories and Tweets on the Game’s platforms. The engagements and eyes on The Game’s social media platforms are bigger than most other platforms that charge for promotion. Everyone receives what they pay for, there is no scam. The exposure to these opportunities has a cost, as this is a business, and The Game makes this very clear. Source HipHopOverload