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2513Boss @2513_boss – Bodiene Brazy

Raw, Straight-Forward and Uncut. Those are just a few of the words being used by music industry heavy weights to describe 2513Boss.
Hailing from Camden, NJ, 2513Boss. began his musical journey back in 2010 when his high school hobby became a undeniable passion that had to be explored. That same year he released his first single and music video “Marked Up”  which quickly found its way featured on Following the success of Marked Up, 2513Boss began prepping for the release of his first full-length project, a mixtape entitled I Am Not A RoleModel released in 2011. The project featured production from Harley Mac, CokeBeatz, and from Rick Ross “B.M.F” fame – Lex Luger. With the release of I Am Not A RoleModel, 2513Bo$$’s music was being heard and emcee’s such as Dipset’s Freeky Zeeky Roc-a-fella’s Freeway began to take notice. With garnering more attention from the music industry, 2513Boss and friends Antonio “Smugg” Atkins and Taleak Harris created 2513 Entertainment, a company to serve as an official outlet to release the music of 2513Boss and other emcees that came up with him.
With success comes tragedy and the raw, straight-forward and uncut lyrics that so accurately described 2513Boss sound began to manifest itself into real life. Shortly after the release of I Am Not A RoleModel, friend and 2513 Ent. member JR Str8 Barz found himself incarcerated and in 2012, Taleak began to serve time as well. Following the loss of JR Str8 Barz and Taleak to the prison system, tragedy struck when  2513Boss Best friend and business partner Antonio “Smugg” Atkins was gunned down in his hometown. The sudden loss of his friend, partner and mentor left 2513Boss to continue on with the legacy that was built out of passion for hip hop and the urge to create something positive for themselves and their families.
For 2513Boss, the movement continues as he no longer moves under or promotes 2513ent. imprint but now SMG, looks to expand the new SMG brand through his music and other ventures. 2513Boss his motivated and determined to inspire those who connect with his story. You can expect to see more from 2513Boss in 2016 as he just released his newest project “Bodiene Brazy” which is available on all digital platforms.

Elijah Cain | @theelijahcain – 3AM In Merk City

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A soulful rap EP for all of the people who still appreciate real music..Just want to make the legends proud… Written By ELIJAH CAIN .. 
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Black Astronaut Is A Hip Hop Collective Comprised of Lead Songwriter Charles Luck, Rapper/Singer Tino Red, Rappers Gyro, InZane, Sticky Bud, Vedo, B Daz, and Flipleaf. The group has 4 singers: Muze, Jonathan BT, Zack David, and Addie. We specialize in true hip hop and EDM influenced by artists as varied as Eminem to Avicii. With over 145 songs in our catalogue,Black Astronaut is a hip hop lovers dream come true. The tracks range from Hilarious (Nuke A Hampster) to Beautiful (Scrambled: Finding Answers) to Wild (The Climb) and everything in between. We are based out of Atlanta but our artists come from Chicago, Kentucky, Bristol, London, Germany, and Philadelphia. We don’t even know where Addie is from. We hope to reintroduce lyric focused rap music to the new generation for the good of the spirit of hip hop.

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