L.I.V.E – Mommy Dearest | @Ldot631

L.I.V.E Drops his latest official visual to his track Mommy Dearest. Make sure to check that above and leave some feedback in the comment sections below L.I.V.E got some real talent for this music shit and it shows in this video. All feedback is welcomed and if you like his style make sure to follow him on social media listed below his other projects and other links are also listed below so dont sleep on a dope artist.
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Mommy Dearest :
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Real Till I Die :
DaLivest”N”DaFlyest Mixtape :
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Death Got Me Crazy :
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Cold World by Demfoulplayboyz  :
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Don Shit Presented By Fat Joe

Fat Joe Teams up with Dablock365 to put together the next set of mixtapes packed with up and coming artists. Make sure to check out both volumes by clicking the image above or clicking the link below. Comment your feedback and who got the hottest track of the series. Dont sleep on these artists they are coming with some raw talent. Every artist has their instagram name next to their track if there is 1 or multiple artists that stant out to you make sure to give them a follow on instagram and give them direct feedback.

Don Shit https://linktr.ee/Fatjoe

Dwphat-C – Hustle Til I’m Dead Ft. Fat Joe | @DwPhat

Dw Phat-C drops his latest single Hustle Till Im Dead Stamped by The Don himself Fat Joe make sure to check that out by clicking the image above or clicking the link or player below. Dont sleep on a dope up and coming artists he is putting in work all of 2020 and have alot of really good music check all of his material on his spotify link below and make sure to give him a follow on all social media listed below.

Twitter  https://twitter.com/DwPhat

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/dwphatc/

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/5oeiUe1QtPPO1pQFSNcyWj

Kidd Danielz – Questions | @xKiddDanielzx

Kidd Danielz drops his latest visual to his new single Questions make sure to check the video above. This video is very well put together and the song is different from the rest of the music coming out. Follow Kidd Danielz on all social media sites listed below and check out the track on all streaming sites listed below also. Dont sleep on a dope artists putting in work.

LodyLucci – Got My Lick Back | @LodyLucci

LodyLucci drops his latest single Got My Lick Back on all major streaming platforms and also dropped a official video to it above. Make sure to check the video and also make sure to check out the track on your facvorite streaming platform listed below. Dont Sleep on LodyLucci he been dropping heat and is now starting to turn back up so make sure to keep up with him on his social media accounts listed below.

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GerkOne – Pardon My Attitude | @realgerkone

GerkOne drops his latest project Pardon My Attitude on all major streaming platforms make sure to check that out below by clicking the link to his distrokid. He also drop a official video to Swish off the project aswell watch that above and leave some feedback in the comment section all feedback is welcomed. Dont sleep on a dope artists making moves and make sure to follow him on all social media listed below.

Follow GerkOne Online:

GerkOne on Twitter : https://twitter.com/realgerkone

Lone Star Nights: The Story of a Journey | @Chizabam

Rarely does the world of hip hop produce a timeless artist whose substance and sound cross over various eras and sub-genres. Even rarer is that artist a songwriter, producer, and engineer. Enter Chizabam. The Atlanta-native, Dallas-cultured creative knows all too well about the importance of work ethic, resourcefulness, and ownership. Traces of these qualities can be found in his back story.

Years ago, his father immigrated from Nigeria to the US, where he worked in various industries, often having more than one job at a time. He then went on to start a luxury car and limousine service, thereby providing for Chizabam’s family throughout the artist’s upbringing. In his father he saw a self-driven determination to succeed and from him he learned the importance of work ethic and understanding business.

Fast forward to today, the young entrepreneur is definitely showcasing his musical prowess and business savviness. His new album Lone Star Nights is a culmination of experiences that he’s had on his journey from Atlanta to the lone star state of Texas. The album makes for a cultural banger, fusing heavy 808 trap-lo-fi vibes with captivating flows and at other times delivering melodic bars with unique cadences and arrangements.


Out the gate, the classical-themed intro builds suspense for what’s to come. Then it follows up with ‘Mustard’, a strong persona anthem-like banger. It’s as though the listener immediately enters the Lone Star Night. Excitingly, The project is full of substantive content that builds the case for his legacy. For example, his song ‘Lone Ranger’ tells a story of Chris, a young man deeply immersed in the streets, who only knows a life of organized crime and artificial relationships with women. Chris is the archetype of a minority born into impoverished circumstances with limited opportunities. The track is delivered with such passion and precision that listeners might feel that they’re directly related to Chris.

In another instance, we find a song called ‘Building A Nation’. This heartfelt vibe is a motivational masterpiece. From the opening, the track almost has somewhat of an eerie feel. The image of him ‘staring up at the sky’ reflecting on what is and what lies ahead can be instantly visualized.

What’s even more exciting about this piece of work is Chizabam’s versatility. Track such as Beltline, Fuego, and Floating display his ability to branch out the traditional atmospheric realm of hip hop. With his dynamic delivery and melodic tunes, he places him in a different class. From the peace state to the lone star state and beyond, this young talent is providing that he’s the real deal. Therefore, to reference the album’s outro, don’t get caught ‘Sleep Walking’ on this one.

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/chizabam/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Chizabam

BZ Bwai – Bailando (feat. Celeste Scott)

BZ Bwai drops his latest single Bailando Ft. Celeste Scott on all digital streaming playforms make sure to check it out above on his official Youtube channel or click the link below to stream it on your favorite streaming platfom. BZ Bwai stays dropping dope music so make sure to keep up with him on his official social media accounts also listed below.