MoxyDre – U Don’t Rule Tha City (feat. Jadakiss) | @MoxyDre

Moxydre got The Legend Jadakiss to hop on his track U Don’t Rule Tha City check out what they put together above and if you like what you hear and want to hear more from Moxydre click that Distrokid link below and give him a follow on Instagram. Moxydre will be dropping new music soon so dont sleep on a dope up and coming artist.

Glory releases his latest single ‘Wait On Us’

New single by Glory, ” Wait On Us“, a nice smooth record for the summer that highlights love between a guy and his lady. Reminds me of Drake’s Best I Ever Had. With production from Dillygotitbumpin this record will keep your head bopping as Glory delivers some clever lyrics.

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Life’s A Breeze – Keepin It Gangsta | @dancewitdadevil

Life’s A Breeze drops his latest visual on his official Youtube channel click play above and check out a dope up and coming artist he will be dropping new music soon so make sure to follow him on social media listed below and leave some feedback in the comment sections.

323Conflik – Run It Up | @323Conflik

323Conflik dropped one of latest visuals Run It Up on his official Youtube channel click play on that above and check out a dope up and coming artist. 323Conflik Will be dropping all new music the rest of the year so if  you like what you hear make sure to give him a follow on his social media platforms listed below to stay up to date with his latest moves.

Sparky Flinstone – “Freak Key”

Sparky Flinstone is a reformed simp and current leader of the LBYF movement. His ex-girl said he had no power and nicknamed him M&M (Minute Man) Peenut. M&M thought life was over until he met Einstein. Einstein put M&M on when he invented the Freak Key. This key would change M&M’s life and help him find a good wife.

The bible says, “He who finds a freak for a wife finds a good thing.” In New Jack City Neno Brown said “cancel that bitch” so M&M canceled his girl, took the red pill and started listening to Dr. BOA, StephIsCold and Coach E.O.

When Einstein gave M&M the key, he warned him to use caution due to its power to soften the heart of every hoe and bring out the freak in every lady. M&M didn’t care, Harlots and hoes became an everyday thing until he had a life changing dream wherein he was visited by a king and a girl named Aquacutie from 21,293 light years away.

The king gave M&M long lasting “whopper power” and Aquacutie instructed him to visit the Invisible Galaxy. Once he got to the invisible galaxy M&M met StephIsCold and Coach E.O. They killed the simp and Sparky Flinstone was born.  Sparky got so cold he partnered with to produce a red pill reality show called “Spark of Love”.

The Spark of Love reality show will go into production in the fall of 2022. The show also has a forthcoming music soundtrack featuring several hot artists. The lead single is titled “Freak Key “performed by Sparky Flinstone. The song Freak Key was inspired by Skrillex and his “Bangarang” movement. It was also chosen as the theme song to promote the Spark of Love because it represents the pinnacle of sexual confidence and modern chic.

 36 sexy and confident women will be chosen to see if they have that magical spark. One lucky lady will create the spark needed for Sparky to fulfill her wildest dreams no matter how much it costs. If you are her click here and follow his instagram @SparkyFlinstone. Check out the unofficial “Freak Key” video featuring Einstein currently going viral.



Pranks Forever: A Young Talented Prankster Taking the World by Storm

Pranks Forever is one of the young talented content creators taking the world by storm using his creatively crafted content that attracts the attention of every viewer who comes across them.

With his strong determination to succeed in life and a burning desire to achieve his dreams, not even age could be a barrier to his destiny as he started his YouTube channel at the age of 9. Through pranks, Pranks Forever added life to the days of many using highly entertaining content.

Born on June 4th, 2008, Pranks Forever’s journey to becoming one of the famous social media Icons is a perfect example of a dream-come-true. Since his childhood, the upcoming social media celebrity found his place in the entertainment niche, unleashing some of the most amusing pranks that even serious people couldn’t withstand and stop laughing.

“In my childhood, I would always love playing pranks on people. I loved prank toys from the dollar store and scaring my family members. Like any other child these days, my dream was to become a YouTuber,” says the content creator, explaining how he started Pranks Forever career.

Due to Pranks Forever’s great interest in tech, it was on that premise that his first YouTube brand was based. And cringey tech vlogs became the best starting point for the young tech enthusiast, creating his first channel known as “cj vlogs.”

“My dad supported me, while my mom wasn’t too sure about me being on social media at such a young age. At that age, when I wanted a channel (about 9), I was also really interested in technology. In fact, that was what I wanted my channel to be about.

“I would make cringey little tech videos and show them to my mom, hoping that she would finally let up and let me have a YouTube channel. I think I finally got too annoying, and my mom finally let up. My new channel was called “cj vlogs.”

Pranks Forever created cringey Vlogs for a year, changing the brand name from “cj vlogs” to “ccj vlogs” and finally “ccj official,” where he started creating reaction videos. However, the reaction videos didn’t work well. A few months later, he started playing pranks on people, leveraging the passion he had since childhood, and rebranded to “Pranks Forever.”

Pranks Forever is the best idea the young content creator had ever imagined. The brand has gained a massive popularity, raking in about 100,000 followers on Instagram and more than 50,000  people subscribing to the channel.

“Ever since I changed my name and started doing pranks, I’ve been getting thousands of views each day,” said Pranks Forever, adding that it was one of the best decisions he has ever made.

Despite being just a small startup, Pranks Forever was motivated by the success made by other Youtubers. So, he also wanted to be successful in the same career field. Through relentless hard work and self-determination, Pranks Forever has become one of the conspicuous brands in social media and content creation.

JRealityG Is Next Up

Pictured with DSG’s CEO Terry Brown the Rapper, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and actor JRealityG is a well-known global entertainer and entrepreneur with a career spanning almost half a decade. JRealityG’s impressive body of work includes DSG’s “BIG DAWG,” and ten consecutive singles which featured talents like Blood Raw, Big Hustle, Mo Muzik, World-Renowned Brown, and Tik on the Beat.

Influenced by some of the greats such as Jay Z, J. Cole, Rick Ross, Cyhi, and Shawn Jay, JRealityG will always be authentically grounded. The realism in his voice will take you on an expedition of culture, laughter, and a renewed desire for musical expressions.

His mixtape has been released entitled Don’t Stop Grinding and is making a lot of noise. Look out for this sensation.