Celebrity realtor Douglas Parson Jr sells million dollar mansion to King of Reality TV executive Carlos King

Douglas Parson Jr.: Multi-million Celebrity realtor, The Art of Flipping Bricks (Full Interview)

Celebrity realtor and Author  Douglas Parson Jr. sells “King of Reality TV Executive Carlos King a million dollar home in Atlanta, Georgia. The home has a pool, master bedroom complete with balcony, and plenty of space to lounge, and entertain. The mansion is right in the middle of a golf course! For over 20 years as a top realtor in Atlanta, Douglas Parson Jr. has dominated the business by specializing in luxury estates, He has sold millions of dollars in the Atlanta, Georgia real estate markets. In addition, he is certified in the Fair Housing ACT, and in servicing market information, and is a Certified Buyer Agent (CBA).

Carlos King
Kingdom Reign Entertainment

Douglas Parson Jr.
The Art of Flipping Bricks

BlackWater OG Stamped by OT GENASIS | @blackwater_og

//www.instagram.com/embed.js BlackWater OG stamped by OT GENASIS on his dope new record S.W.I.S. check that new track out now on all major streaming platforms click that link below and if you like what you hear follow him on social media also listed below. Dont sleep on the real music he is dropping.

Brandon Redd – Hold Back | @brandonredd305

Brandon Redd drops his latest single Hold Back on all major streaming platforms. Make sure to check that out above on his official youtube channel and  if  you like what you hear use the linktree link below to follow him on all his social media platforms and add  this new track to your favorite playlist. Brandon Redd hails from Miami, FL and is a rapper, song-writer and producer. To create his own unique, crossover sound, his music mixes Hip-Hop with elements that span various genres. With the culture of his hometown having a huge impact on his musical style combines with his trials and triumphs. Brandon’s artistic identity brings about a breath of fresh air into the music industry’s new age of young artists

Cameron Jehl: An Upcoming Youngster Millionaire Redefining the Law of Success

Cameron Jehl is an example of a youngster pushing harder in life to have their dreams and life goals achieved through hard work, commitment, and determination. Since childhood, the desire to succeed and make a difference amongst his peers has always been a major driving force for the upcoming millionaire.

Pushed by the undying desire to achieve and an absolute optimism, he browsed through YouTube for business ideas, finally settling on what he could do best at the age of 12 with a couple of hundreds of dollars he started saving at 10 years.

“While all my friends were out playing sports and stuff, I was always that kid that wanted to succeed and start making money. By age 10, I’d already started saving a couple of hundred dollars. With that money (and a little bit of my parents‘ money), I wanted to get my own camera to start a YouTube channel,”.

“Like a childhood dream, I actually made it sort of big in the YouTube community, gaining over 70k subscribers and making quite a good amount of money for my age. When I was 12, I ended up getting the motivation to where I wanted to start my own business,” he added.

Having thought about dropshipping for a long and putting up enough resources for a business, Cameron started his first online store, with the first sales propping up his hope for a flourishing business. Even though there were quite a bit of failures, Cameron didn’t give up and kept pushing harder to accomplish his life dreams and become what he is today.

I always try and stay motivated no matter what comes to me. I don’t know what it is about it, but just getting that first sale is almost like a sign of hope,”. Explaining how he’s tackling various challenges in his businesses.

With his goal being to make it big, creating another dropshipping store is the future of of Cameron’s business expansion plan. Given his age, he is doing pretty well. Making a good amount of money, along with having millions of followers on Instagram. However, his goal isn’t just to do well, but to really succeed in life and business.

Being a selfless person who cares about much beyond his personal gains and welfare, he plans to continue helping even more people in society with the wealth he works for everyday. “My goal is to be a millionaire, but not just that. I want to be able to help people who are struggling and are on the verge of giving up.”

Monay Sha’Reece & King Daweed release their new single “Higher”

King Daweed and Monay Sha’Reece have collaborated on a track called “HIGHER“. It gives the people a song full of neosoul/hiphop vibes. Higher is filled with flavorful vocals from KING DAWEED and Monay Sha’Reece along with real instrumentation From King Daweed! Monay Sha’Reece has a soulful sultry raspiness to her voice that is very pleasing to the soul and will definitely give you that good feeling only great music brings! Listen like and share “HIGHER”


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Introducing The Andrea Bentley

Currently residing in Atlanta, Ga with roots from Lakeland Florida is a woman who takes her life with God very seriously. This is a path no one should ever take lightly because you are being called on to do God’s work on a daily basis. The Andrea Bentley has been called on to bring people together and bring positive energy into their life.

The Andrea Bentley has been in the church all her life which is one of the reasons people trust her love, energy, and word today. In addition, she is a spiritual mother, prophet, pastor to hundreds of people including celebrities and most importantly a motivational speaker. As pastor she has her own ministry movement called “The Apple Family” which has 400 plus members and counting. With 25+ years of ministry experience she has recently finished “The Apple Family Tour” providing God’s word and energy to people across difference cities and locations.

The Andrea Bentley’s resume is elite and knowing the power she has to bring people together allows her to take things a step further as a Community Activist touching and speaking on topics important to her and her members. She has been seen on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Miami and is on the path to expanding her brand and awareness. Her most recent venture is author with a new book soon to be released on Amazon.