BigHomieWats Ft Kush X 9ina – All Hunnids | @bhomiewats

BigHomieWats dropped a dope new visual All Hunnids click play above and check out a dope up and coming artists. If you like what you hear use that linktree link below to check out all of his latest music and give him a follow on social media. BigHomieWats stays dropping new music so if your looking for a artist that is consistent to follow he is the one.

Deezel D feat T-Wreck – RESPECT | @mrdeezeld

Deezel D dropped his latest visual Respect Featuring T-Wreck make sure to check that out above and leave some feedback in the comment sections below. Deezel D is a dope artist that has been doing music for a good time now and you can hear it in his delivery this is not nothing new to him. He will be dropping all new music all of 2022 so make sure to give him a follow on social media listed below to help support a dope up and coming artist.

ATL legend ‘Slimm Calhoun’ links with Savannah rising star ‘Clay James’ on new song “Never Seen”

ATL legend ‘Slimm Calhoun’ links with Savannah rising star ‘Clay James’ on new song “Never Seen” produced by Midnight Black. This song is the intro to Slimm’s latest project “Loose Leaf Vol.6” which is available on all digital streaming platforms. It’s rumored the two have more music in the works that will be releasing later this year. It’s always exciting to see the ‘Dungeon Family’ working with the next generation of lyricists coming up in the south. Follow Slimm Calhoun and Clay James on social media @SlimmCalhoun @WhoisClayJames.

Southern Playa ‘Clay James’ spits a smooth freestyle on ‘High Off Life TV’

Southern Playa ‘Clay James’ spits a smooth freestyle on ‘High Off Life TV’ where he touches on his current relationship status, hometown, and his outlook on the rap game coming up as an independent artist and CEO. In this freestyle Clay pays homage to Atlanta hip hop legend ‘T.I.’ by closing the freestyle with this bar: “I can tell you ain’t grow up on Tip, that’s why you lame as f***!!” Check out the video on YouTube and follow Clay James as well as High Off Life TV on all social media @WhoIsClayJames @HighOffLifeCo.

Get to know Dove Gang Records LLC

Like any business that’s developed and created it starts off a just an idea. In 2006 Dove Gang became an idea by Balyztyk to be a full-service entertainment company by starting off as a film company. 10 years later Dove Gang was finally brought into existence and finally incorporated in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2018 as a record company.

When you think of Dove Gang Records origin think of it as a South Pacific Islander owned independent record label that is self-started, and self-contained that generates revenue from both music and company logo branded merchandise. Since 2018 the company independently sold over 20k physical copies and received over 4 million streams across all platform’s combined. Overall, Dove gang records is an independent Label and Small Business that knows the importance of branding and development.

Their mission statement is to build not only a successful solid record company but also create an environment where artists learn the business and are educated as much as possible so, they understand what they are getting involved in.

Balyztyk is currently their Flagship artist who is attacking the digital world with 2 singles and has seen massive success with it increasing daily. Building a game plan is key to a great business and with Balyztyk being the major key player behind Dove Gang Records the brand is consistently moving in the right direction and accomplishing its goals as a company.

Learn more about the brand on their official website and follow @dovegangrecords on these social media platforms Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud

Get to know DaveOsound, an upcoming artist from Port Arthur Texas

Dave O also known as DaveOsound is an upcoming artist from Port Arthur Texas. He is an electrician and has always made music as a hobby, but lately he has been inspired by his growing fan base and passion for music so he has decided to take his rap career to the next level. He is very versatile with his music and has a song for just about any type of mood the listeners are in. He has been heavily influenced by the Houston rap scene and electricity. He simply fused those two together and created a very energetic style of music implying that he is putting voltage in his songs for the listeners.

Check out his album ‘East Coast Energy

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Hellcat PRiiMe has been making a lot of noise in the Jersey music scene

Hellcat PRiiMe has been making a lot of noise in the Jersey music scene. Not only with his own music but also developing indie artists in his Jersey based recording studio TUBLife Studios. PRiiMe has engineered top tier artists such as Fetty Wap, Riff Raff, Sauce Walka, Coi Leray, 7evin7ins & the list goes on. He started his production company in late 2016 & has developed it into a successful one stop shop media base. TUBLife Studios provides services such as Audio Production, Mix & Mastering, Live Podcast Station, Cinematography/ Videography & Photography, Artist Development, Creative Marketing Strategies & much more. With so much more to accomplish Hellcat PRiiMe is a must follow as his journey continues to grow in the music industry.

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Kayy Moneyy aka Rich Girl Kayy ft. Kay Rich – “High Fashion Girl” (From Da Hood)

55th and Michigan’s Garfield area by way of Rich Girl Kayy aka Kay Moneyy, Meets Ida B Wells housing project descendant Kay Rich. The Chicago birthed duo “THEE RICH GIRLS” statistically expected to experience nothing but poverty and a dim future if not an early demise has set out to do the exact opposite dropping not only the unexpected single High Fashion Girl (From Da Hood) but also on top of that, having a whole cosmetic line named after them. Believe it or not, this is partly their grandmothers doing as  a part of her genuine effort to save her grandchildren from their existing street lifestyle. Its one thing to be in a less than favorable environment and its another thing to be involved in it. From hearing about the loss of their friends to gun violence to Kay Moneyy singing at the funeral of lost friends and that same funeral being shot up. “I am desperate to help them find another way”- Kelli Rich (Grandmother). Showing interest in Music primarily along with fashion and makeup, a light bulb went off. The girls teamed up with Kelli Rich & Jamie Principle to produce what would be the girls first recorded single.

Excited about the outcome, they would then team up with iKan Creations for what would turn out to be an epic visual for their new song HIGH FASHION GIRL (from da hood). In the video the girls made it a point to display their high fashion dress code, natural street edge and make up capabilities. “We are high fashion girls with a rich mind set but don’t get it twisted, we are not there yet but we do get to the money and we are hungry, I mean hell everyday in Chicago feels like survival mode and all I know is to do what ever it takes”- Rich Girl Kayy. “Tt was hard to imagine outside of Chicago until going one day but that was just to visit somewhere now I am trying to imagine what it would be like to actually make it out”- Kay Rich The hustling cousins are now also committed to the grind musically and cosmetically by any means necessary. Rap music is in for a treat following this duo. For the love of hip hop in a day and age where as long as its hot then you will have a audience and these girls the the talent that delivers.







Giles is back in the game with new single ‘Alive’

ORLANDO, FL – Alvin Giles has had a career full of incredible experiences, bold sounds and magical moments, but it is his new return to the music scene that makes the newest wave. “Alive”, Giles latest track is strong, full of culture and socially relevant, making it a track that you simply don’t want to miss out on.

Giles has always been a creator and lover of music. Beginning as a pianist, he has further found a passion in Hip Hop and the rich culture that it provides. “I’ve always felt a deep connection to the artform,” he explained. “It was the rich culture of storytelling and using imaginative and clever ways to say something.”

Already having a career under the moniker Vthov, Giles has had the opportunity to work as a pianist and lead musician on tracks from Oscar winning films, arrange for critically acclaimed projects and work with a collection of icons. Now he is back to the music scene, sharing his work and personal life with his fans.

Giles uses Hip Hop and his music to uplift others and his newest single “Alive” is an incredible example of this. “Alive”, according to Giles, is a song for the people who need a win. In a time where there is so much political and social strife, he hopes to provide comfort to all of the survivors of the last few years.

“Everyone in the world is coming out of a pandemic, and for the first time in at least modern history, we can all call ourselves survivors. Whether we have lost people to war or disease or anything else, we are all survivors.”

As Giles makes his way into the new era, he is working to connect with more of his audience. He is also focused on reconnecting with the musical scene he used to know, all while showing people just how undeniable his music truly is.

Following “Alive”, Giles is already excited to release two more tracks, each with an interesting twist of their own. “Grinders and Hustlers” is a track for the people who are working hard for what they want, and “Oscar Worthy” is another incredible track filled with cinematic energy, created in honor of the life of actor Chadwick Boseman. Both singles are prepared to be released in the coming months.

If you have not had the chance to check out Giles and his song “Alive” now is the time to do it. His music can be found on all major streaming platforms. Also remember to keep an eye out for him on social media for more updates about his upcoming releases and other projects he has lined up for the future. Links to all of this can be found listed below.



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