Blessionaire Apparel. Luxuary Lifestyle Brand

CEO-ISHHH is Building a Multi Million Dollar Clothing Empire!!! Meet Ceo–Ishhh, an ambitious entrepreneur building a multi-million dollar clothing empire. He is also a celebrity manager, publicist and wealth coach. CEO-ISHHH is the owner of “Blessionaire Apparel” worn by many celebs including DJ Envy, Harlem Globetrotter “Bull Bullard”, Mo’ne Davis,  Trent Crews from Love n Hip Hop and many more. DJ Envy can be seen on the breakfast club wearing the “Blessionaire Apparel” brand in interviews with T.D Jakes, Steve Stoute, Amanda Edwards, Ryan Leslie, Deval Patrick, and more.

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Phone: 302.543.3122
CEO-ISHHH | Blessionaire. ™ Apparel | Ceo-Status-Quo

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