DJ Timeko T is a 10-year veteran DJ out of Denver, Co that has a versatile style for spinning all types of music and can cater to any event.

Her affiliation with DJ coalitions like Fleet DJs, Coast 2 Coast DJs, Definition DJs & Tablemannerz DJs has put her in position to make moves within the industry that gained her the respect she deserves.

Her hard work and dedication to her craft has landed her on multiple radio stations spinning music in multiple markets. She has the ability to play music from artist that may not have the resources to touch the markets she has access to.

Atlanta Based Radio station is a family friendly old school and RnB feel where she spins Monday-Friday from 12 Noon MST and 2pm Eastern. also an Atlanta Based station is where DJ Timeko T has the ability to spin independent & unsigned artist music and artist submissions are accepted daily. Catch her live every Thursday 8pm MST and 10pm Est is an New York based radio station where DJ Timeko T can also play new music and accept submissions from independent artist. Although these stations may be based in specific markets their listeners come from multiple markets giving artist the opportunity for to get their music heard anywhere.

Looking to Submit your music? and put artist submission in the subject line of the email. Make sure to follow @djtimekot on IG/Twitter and DJ Timeko on Facebook.

As an artist having a relationship with DJ’s is important and DJ Timeko T is definitely a DJ you want to connect with.

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