[Music] Mr.Bam – Woke Up The Man | @Wild4sholive

Mr.Bam – Woke Up The Man

“Mr.Bam went to prison for a party to a felony murder in Fulton county at the age of 16 and was sentence to Life w possibility of parole. He never gave up his interest in music and became one of the best in prison, but his ambition would not let him stop there. His ingenuity allowed him to create music inside their that has been creating quite a buzz in the streets and inspired thousands of prisoners to do something positive with their time. One song ” Woke up the man” was so influential, he would fill the gym with fans who would roar the words every time he performed it, which got him transferred because of his effects. In addition to music Mr.Bam has written books, started a community program to help the youths and single parents in his community . This guy is somebody to look Into”<


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