Black Astronaut Is A Hip Hop Collective Comprised of Lead Songwriter Charles Luck, Rapper/Singer Tino Red, Rappers Gyro, InZane, Sticky Bud, Vedo, B Daz, and Flipleaf. The group has 4 singers: Muze, Jonathan BT, Zack David, and Addie. We specialize in true hip hop and EDM influenced by artists as varied as Eminem to Avicii. With over 145 songs in our catalogue,Black Astronaut is a hip hop lovers dream come true. The tracks range from Hilarious (Nuke A Hampster) to Beautiful (Scrambled: Finding Answers) to Wild (The Climb) and everything in between. We are based out of Atlanta but our artists come from Chicago, Kentucky, Bristol, London, Germany, and Philadelphia. We don’t even know where Addie is from. We hope to reintroduce lyric focused rap music to the new generation for the good of the spirit of hip hop.







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More of his work

Luck & Red: Is The Galaxy Pimping Me? http://piff.me/0bfd63f
Luck & Red: Dancing In The Rain http://piff.me/06c29f1
Luck & Red: Leave This Place http://piff.me/a0bb184
Luck & Red: Left Of Correct http://piff.me/7c0d0d8
Luck & Red: Blowing Up http://piff.me/ee8ca52
Luck & Red: Scrambled http://piff.me/17b8b73
Luck & Red: Limitless http://piff.me/60220da
Luck & Red: The Climb http://piff.me/d63a827
Luck, Red, & Gyro: Hope http://piff.me/d30a4b1
Luck & Pastor Chris: http://piff.me/653933e
Luck & Daz: Fates Ankles http://piff.me/abdc958

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