Sahr Ellie, most commonly referred to as StillSahr has quickly streamed over 50k views on his recent track “Whatchu Want”. This catchy release has been streamed repeatedly on platforms such as Spotify, Apply Music & etc.

(Link below)

Within a quick 1 year to 6-month span Stillsahr music holds great appeal and recognition for those in the Gen Z demographic cohort. His unique flow, voice and personality is what has allowed his music to excel further and create a loyal fan base world-wide. StillSahr has always gravitated towards creative outlets as a means for self-expression throughout his adolescent years.

Word on the block is that the catchy release “Watchu Want”,  was a 10 minute recorded freestyle! After hearing the Freestyle Track, The team immediately contact Stillsahr & his management team to review his Pathway as an Australian Rapper! Stillsahr is reaching new lengths and stopping at nothing to create a name for himself! With his work ethic and passion for his craft, there’s no doubt that he will reach stardom.

Sahr Ellie (Stillsahr) has an eye for good music and expressive fashion, as well as an effortlessly inimitable lyrical flow. His new single “Whatchu Want” Music Video has quickly reached the eyes of those viewers globally, pushing his career closer towards success. When focused StillSahr creates gems, and he always shows recognition to those who have been apart in his journey. Although StillSahr is a solo artist, behind the scenes he’s surrounded by a team of devoted and encouraging individuals who help him unlock his full potential and being the man, he is, he never forgets to acknowledge them.


Instagram: Stillsahr


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