When life tries to teach you a lesson, one of the ways it guides you through is “Trial & Error”. When you apply that logic to the streets you see things and the people around you differently.

Loyalty Bynum is an artist who is a hustler true to the heart. He understands that the process can more often bring you the struggle then success. His logic behind this is staying down and keeping his feet firm. Learning that even the closest may not help you succeed which also teaches you “Trial & Error”.

This single comes at a time where everyone needs to relate to a message and where people no longer feel they are struggling alone. With lyrics like “On them raining days I had to wait till the sun comes, on them rainy days I had to hustle the sun up” you felt the pain and related to the pressures of survival.

Loyalty Bynum is on his way and with “Trial & Error” he can touch many souls. Make sure to stream this single on all available platforms and get the full experience by streaming the official video on YouTube now.

Twitter & Instagram: @LoyaltyBynum

Spotify- https://open.spotify.com/album/7K1iDLHcfuNgrK0CSpmEcp?si=tsHGsFKaQy-gMLqF2QAMFA

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