[Album] RushBilli x Killa Kyleon – Rush 2 Kill


Aside from being just a black man in America, one can imagine the difficulties of growing up and overcoming many obstacles. The challenges faced by artist and author Rondell Smith aka RushBilli are some most people don’t overcome, and worst never bounce back from. The lifestyle most artists rap about today is merely a glimpse inside the life of RushBilli.

15 years in prison is a sentence that will either make or break a person, however RushBilli took the time to make adjustments, and come home on go mode, surpassing and superseding most he grew up with.
RushBilli had previously left his fans and supporters on edge waiting for his next projects and collaborations, but the wait is over as he’s released his latest musical offering, ‘Rush 2 Kill’. Teaming up with his friend Killa Kyleon for the project, the dedication put into this project has made it one for the books.
Stay connected to RushBilli:
Instagram: @rushbilli
Twitter: @Risktakerbully

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