Beautiful U from Jay Jaxson on Vimeo.
These days its hard out here for a rapper. Being lyrical is not enough. You have to make up the complete package. You have to look the part ,act the part,and be the part. The girls have to love you and the guys have to want to be you. You have to have that swagger,energy,attitude and talent all combined into the perfect package to make today’s rap star. And that’s exactly what the A.O. General Jay.Jaxson brings to the table.

Born and Rasied on the gritty streets of S. Central L.A in a single parent household,the second oldest of 6 siblings. He attended 107th St Elementary, Gompers Middle school and Locke high school

By the age of 17, the west coast MC, was heavily involved in street life. At one point he was arrested for possession of crack/cocaine; serving little jail time in Los angeles county jail. upon his release from jail, he realized he needed to do something more constructive with his life. Music seemed to be the only outlet. The west coast MC then began polishing his skills by battling local rappers. The MC was influenced by Hip Hop legends from all regions.

The west coast MC career came to a halt, when the rapper was shot 5 times. After overcoming that obstacle, the West Coast is back better than ever and on top of his game. aiming for the top and everybody’s a target

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