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D’Inferno ENT arrived on the rap scene just in the nick of time. Mr. Money and Dedrick Cash are what sparks the flame in D’Inferno. They are a dynamic blend of two MC’s lighting the mic and burning it to the ground. Mr. Money keep his verses flowing like oil and always has a play with words. Dedrick Cash keeps his rhymes tight and rocking to the beat. Two brothers born and raised In Dallas, TX in the late 80’s who never gave in to the streets. They grew up in the toughest part of Dallas (Oak Cliff) but took motivation from the hard times and struggles. Also, motivated by artist such as 2Pac, Jay-Z, UGK, and Z-Ro helped them to survive. Which led them to drop mixtapes such as “Survival of Da Fittest” (2004), “Till 2011” (2010), and “RBG” (2015). Mr. Money and Dedrick Cash have achieved respect by winning contest such as the “Biggest Rap Contest in Dallas” and the “97.9 the Beat radio Freestyle battle”. They remained the ones to beat on 97.9 the beat for two months and were crowned “The Best Freestyle Kings of Dallas”. They went on the road with the “Texas Back to School Tour in 2006” traveling all over Texas and Oklahoma. D’Inferno have worked with labels such as T-Town Music, Clout Records and other independent record labels. They currently record their best hits at 50/50 Studios in Dallas. You can check out their videos such as “No Money” and documentaries onYoutube.com/therbglife. Their latest mixtape “Seen It Coming” demonstrates a mixture of their raw talent, professionalism, and their ability to move a crowd. With a single like “Touchdown” everyone will be out of their seats believing they can make it. “Seen it coming” drops April 30, 2016 along with the video of their single “Touchdown”. You don’t want to miss it. D’Inferno have evolved from the two young boys trying to survive in the streets, to Rich Black Gentlemen motivating those who follow in their footsteps. Mr. Money and Dedrick Cash give 110% to their craft and would die for it. To them life is not a game…it is Survival of the Black Gentlemen!!

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