Hypa Rhymes – Ballin’ | @hyparhymes

Hypa Rhymes drops his latest single Ballin’ on all major streaming platforms make sure to check that out by clicking the image above for Itunes or clicking the link below to use your favrotie streaming platform. Also make sure to leave him some feedback in the comment section and give him a follow on his social media listed below.

Tave Getem – Remixing & Rerocking | @Tavegetem

Tave Getem has been a rapper-songwriter since 2007. Born Artavian Gilliam, on June 10, he is a native of Richmond, Virginia (RVA). His musical inspirations are NWA, Tupac, Scarface, T.I., Biggie and Jay-Z only to name a few. He saw these MC’s put words together to describe the joys and pains in their lives which inspired him to want to do that as well.
Tave Getem has performed his craft at many places such as, Josephine’s and Chit Chat in Atlanta, Ga, Infuzions, The Top, and Club 534 RVA.
The musical genres that have moved him to who he is today are soul music, jazz, rock and roll, heavy metal which adds more to the flavor of his style. Having experienced opportunities with the judicial system, Tave Getem has overcome hardships in life and has the passion and determination to make music that inspires others as he was inspired.

Visionz – IDK | @2_turnt_ent

Visionz BiPolar Album coming soon

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The Goyard Boys – Bands On Racks | @Ayo_Ojo2

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