BigMoneyBrezzy – Platinum Girl | @bigmoneybrezzy

BigMoneyBrezzy will not stop, supplying us with the heat, now platinum girl is that special one for the ladies to enlighten them, it is more to life then just sitting at home bored on the couch, daydreaming, naw girl get up and come explore with a boss.

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Unsigned Hype Tejeda | @diabloxavier

My name is Xavier Tejeda but I like to go by my stage name “Tejeda”. As a young kid I was never really introduced into hip-hop till the age of 14 due to my background culture. My family only exposed me to spanish music. If your wondering whats my ethnicity I’m dominican. I was born and raised in New York till the age of ten, then my mother had moved us out to Pennsylvania in a small town called Bethlehem to get me away from all the negative vibes down there.
I started to develop a love for music at the age 16 but really started to take it serious around last year and I am currently 20 years old. Im capable of being versatile I have a very distinct melodic flow and I try my best not to sound like anyone and to have the most organic sound. I enjoy making music people can relate to whether its from just turning up or things people go through in life like relationships or things that happen back at home . I bring a lot of energy to the table, I’m a very energetic person. Currently in the U.S Army but i plan on getting out this year to pursue my music career and dream and bring people great music to the plat-form

ReadyRockDee – New Years Rowdylution 2017 | @ReadyRockDee

On The Come Up: To continue a promising start to 2017 for the entire Rowdy City movement, The Yonkers, NY/Bridgeport, CT native “ReadyRockDee” is back with another banger Titled “New Years Rowdylution” produced by Stewie Da Bo$$ of Most Hated Entertainment. Well known for a great stage show and touring the throughout the country, This Rowdy City representer is here to fight for and preserve the lyrical hip-hop he fell in love with. On this visual ReadyRockDee collaborates with rising film and video director Mojo giving you 3 minutes of straight bars. They bring a unique look to your eyes as they shot this at an undisclosed location in Bridgeport, CT. Be sure to subscribe to the movement on YouTube if you love dope bars and lyrics. His impact is inevitable on the culture and he’s out to prove that he can be amongst the lyrical elite. Stay tuned to everything ReadyRockDee and Rowdy City has to offer on all social media platforms.

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Losk33 – Lately | @Losk33

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Born in the city of Newport News, Virginia also known as Bad News Va, Rashon Brown has grown through the concrete and sets his eyes to blossom in the music industry. Rashon began his career as an aspiring rapper by the name of Losk33 at a young age. Growing up in this area allowed LoSk33 to soak up a variety of flavor from the melting pot of Va. At 14 years old, Loskee’s path to music began in school by while taking music lessons. A year later, an epiphany came as he toyed with rapping and found that he was better than the average kid at his age. “It was my gift and I ran with it”, says Losk33. Foreseeing the stagnation of good music on the party scene, Losk33 set his target market as club music blended with a taste of real life testimonials. Amidst a growing fan base that he feels that will grow with his career, Losk33’s biggest fans are his kids. The father of two and also a strong believer in God, Loskee’s strength and ambition lies in the fact that if it wasn’t for his belief in God, he wouldn’t be where he is at in life and definitely not where he is going. As a student of the music industry, Losk33 eyes the business savvy of T.I. and the talents of Kevin Gates with the musical prose of YFN Lucci as a guiding force to set his own stamp on the industry. “The key to my happiness and success is having a stress free life and family wealth”, states the hungry Losk33 as he strengthens his roots and breaks through the concrete of Bad News Va.