Relly Boi – Hxe Shxx | @rellyboi3000

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ONAJE’ – SirVivor

Jeremiah Onaje’ McCormick, born and raised in New Orleans, LA. The 10th born son of a family of 13. I was introduced to hip hop at age 8 by older brother and rap artist Percy aka 9th Ward Perseus. The very first song I memorized was “Scarface” off Geto Boys sophomore lp which played on the radio often. However, Perseus was my favorite rapper. I wrote my first rap verse at 13. I recited the rap to my older brother Perseus. Once I got his approval of the verse being “fire” I continued to write and create and I never looked back.
This was song was released Dec 22, 2022. The video debuted on Feb 3rd and debuted on World Star Hip Hop on Feb 8th
The songs angle is to influence the listener to continue through what ever tough time they are in. Not your average rainy day, I’m talking devastation,…heartbreak, near mental breakdown…homelessness,…the loss of a loved one….suicide attempts due to life’s pressure…near death experience. This song may not be for everyone….YET…being that you have to keep living and this song will become relatable. However, in the verses I rap about my personal experiences as an artist.
The reason I chose to release this song near the end of one year and the start of another, is because as a whole, people everywhere has gone through unusually tough times since the start of COVID-19 and its lasting affects. Not to mention, inflation, police brutality towards blacks, black on black crime, and the dumbed down overall substances of today’s hip hop/rap music. I felt a positive message of perseverance was needed at this time.
My music is for everyone. However, being a black male in America, I have special assignment to break the unhealthy cycle that my people continue to repeat.

IG: Onaje10
YT: Onaje10
my website:


Zaytoven has just announced he has launched his very own record label called ZTP alongside music executive Big Trill and they’re calling out to all creatives.

On Tuesday (December 20), Zaytoven took to his Instagram account with the announcement by sharing a photo of himself and Trill posing for the camera. In his caption, Zay revealed the name of his new label and the plan he has to see the company grow.

“We are Blessed to announce that ‘ZTP’ The Label is official,” Zaytoven captioned his post. “Me and @therealbigtrill are officially a label. We are SIGNING artist, producers, song writers, DJs, all brands. we are looking for a real team a solid team. Searching for all talent in every city, every state, every town!!!! Let’s get to work.”

There’s no other word on the label and if any artists are signed already.

This isn’t Zaytoven’s first label, as he has Zaytoven Global, LLC under his belt, and he’s one of many producers with their own record label. Other beatsmiths with their own imprint include Hit-Boy with Hits Since 87, Metro Boomin with Boominati Worldwide and more.

Zaytoven adding the music executive title to his extensive résumé is a plus. He’s already worked with some of the biggest names in music, including Gucci Mane, Future, Migos, Jack Harlow and more.

One artist, in particular, had an emotional moment working with Zay in the studio. In January, Chief Keef revealed he cried while recording “Ain’t Gonna Happen” off their collaborative effort GloToven, which was released in March 2019. Instead of including the sound of him crying in the studio, he decided to use laughter — something he does every time he cries.

“Fun fact: on front of ain’t gonna happen a young n-gga was cryin thinking about them members but every time I cry I laugh so I ended up laughing and taking the crying out the front you only hear it on intro by the time I got to laughin,” Keef wrote on Twitter.


Flemin – Wake Up | @sacflemin

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Kaotic Barz – Truth Be Told (Mic In The Booth) shot by: @rellyboi3000

Kaotic Barz just dropped a dope new visual to his latest single Truth Be Told shot by RellyBoi300. Make sure to check that out above and leave some feedback in the comment sections below. If you like what you hear click that distrokid link below and add this song to your favorite streaming playlist.


Pretty Lu – No Days Off | @prettylumoney

Prettylumoney is a unique and versatile rapper from Brooklyn, NY. Soft spoken, but with a powerful voice, Lu first fell in love with music at 11 years old, and since then, has been on a mission to reach people’s souls with his electrifying mix of hip hop, R&B, and his own emerging style, Gothic R&B. He has performed in venues across New York, and even up into Michigan. His first project, Welcome to Marlboro, was released in 2007.
Pretty Lu has experienced his own share of grief and pain in his young life. He put his music career on hold after the untimely death of his daughter, and then his mother a few years later. Struggling to cope with this trauma, Lu almost gave up his musical ambitions. His mother’s words of encouragement and faith before her passing emboldened him to continue his dream of being a successful artist, and he didn’t give up.
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Meet NYC Rapper Setting Lyrics On Fire

Thank you for taking the time to chat with me. Tell me about yourself and how it contributed to
your love of music?

My stage name is Scorch, I’m from Harlem, New York. A very famous and influential borough with a very multicultural environment. Coming up my father had a world famous group named The Charts. I can remember as a little kid watching my fathers group practice in the living room of our 3 bedroom apartment for hours on end. This gave me a strong sense of music. Being able to hear and appreciate every aspect of the beat.

Hip Hop has changed a lot. How have you managed to evolve with it and all of the changes
taking place in the industry?

I have managed to stay current with the times by staying hip. Staying in tune with what’s going on in modern times without attempting to infringe on other styles of different artists. You can remain relevant without imitating others.

Who are your biggest supporters behind the Scorch brand?

My biggest supporters behind my brand is without a doubt my immediate family. For the longest time it’s just been me and my sisters Venise, Aisha, Shatekqua and Aja. They have been very influential in my musical journey by supporting me any and every way possible. Along with my manager Cutter and the fans of course I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if it wasn’t for them.

Are you from a musical or artistic family?

Yes, my mother used to do backup singing for different groups in the 50’s. My father had a hit song called Desire around the same time. Through their love of music they connected and a star was born.

How do you describe your music?

My music can be described as limitless and limitless. I like to keep them guessing, what I mean by that is I always want to come with something different, new and vibrant. To the point even though you are expecting something crafty and exciting I’ll still have you saying to yourself I didn’t see that coming.

Do you write most of your music yourself?

I write all of my own music myself. I come from an era where it was a must for your pen game to hold weight. If you are an artist you must be a creator of your own material.

How do you balance the music and your other obligations- school, family, etc?

I have learned through the years to find a medium when it comes to all of my obligations in life. I have 3 kids Jade, London, and Lordon. So I must keep some kind of balance. The weekdays is grind time. I have the kids in the morning waking them up to get them ready for school. Then I head out to grind. In the course of my day I might have a host of meetings or a studio session or a photo shoot. From the moment I wake up to the time I go to sleep it’s grind time. The weekends are mainly reserved for down time. Sunday is family time, and I wine down, then do it all over again.

What’s your favorite song and why?

I wrote a song named “Eternal Remembrance 1944”. It’s a song about my mother who passed away November 13, 1996. I was with her when it happened. The song is filled with real emotion and a message that’s real and heartfelt. Whenever I play the song I can feel my mother’s presence and remember all the wonderful times we had.

Has social media contributed to how you release your music?

Yes, social media definitely contributed to how my music is released. You have so many different platforms available to actually release music on. You can literally structure a campaign on multiple platforms and gain maximum exposure. It’s way different from back in the day where everything was more done from street promotion.

You seem very grounded in the music process now. Do you feel it is getting easier to make
music and videos for you? Or is it still a difficult process?

I would say it’s an adventure when doing videos. When you come up with exciting and innovative ways of doing things It never truly feels like work. It’s more like what can I do to make this more exciting or how can I bring this vision to my audience? How do I truly want my message received? It’s not a difficult process but when putting passion into your craft it’s never supposed to be easy.

What can your fans look forward to seeing next from the Lyrical Genius Scorch?

My fans can expect new projects being it music or videos and different roles in movies. Community service events. Be on the lookout for “Going Up” being released in February 2023. Follow me on instagram @therealscorch and check out my website to stay tuned and don’t forget to join the #TanCalienteChallenge on TikTok and if your on IG and do a dance to my song send me a message or tag me to let me know so I can post and share you on Instagram and Facebook. Thank you for taking the time out to interview me and much love and appreciation to all the DJ’s and fans who love and support my music.

Khujo Goodie / Hold On ( Official Lyric Video ) | @goodiemob

Khujo Goodie Dropped his latest Lyric video on his official Youtube Channel make sure to check that out above and leave some feedback in the comment sections below. Khujo Goodie stays releasing new and empowering music so if you like what you hear make sure to give him and the movement a follow on social media listed below. Khujo Goodie is showing love to the up and coming artist and is releasing a series mixtape Titled Pavementality Dropping on April 7th so be on the look out for that.