The first debut album by the Italian artist Fresh Melody Flow has just been released, we listened to it with attention intrigued by the movement that is being created around this emerging Italian rapper after Fat Joe in fact even The Game also approached him by writing to him in private.

Our opinion without too much delay is that this rapper is different, if you listen to “Street Rap Melodico” you realize that this album has nothing to do with what the current rap scene proposes in terms of flow and sound, it is clear that this artist has his own vision and he is not interested in following the vision currently in vogue in the rap game.

uses little “auto tune” on vocals, hip hop basics! has a melodic flow with which he jumps on the bars in his own way and in his lyrics that from what he himself says (on this not knowing Italian you have to stick to his statements)

he is not talking about drugs, sex and money, but about the life stories he has lived.

Here below his links to listen to his album and in the header the official video of the song “Bounce hosted Fat Joe” just released!

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