Rapper/personality and social commentator, Ranna Royce, is hoping to bring attention back to the mass shooting crisis with her latest visual “Oh Shoot”.

Why now? Our COVID-19 lockdown regulations have obviously curtailed opportunities for mass shooters. With mandated school closures, March 2020 was the first March without a school shooting since 2002. It took a stay-at-home order to keep students safe.

Most of us have been longing to return to normalcy- work, school, and social gatherings. Sadly though, there are some who wish to turn that normalcy into a tragic nightmare by killing people and injuring crowds. If gun safety legislation is ever going to happen, now is the time before the country completely opens back up and our children return to school.

Ranna, who has appeared on the Billboard charts several times with names like DJ Whoo Kid, addresses this catastrophe with a hallucinatory visual that marries well with the Isqo-produced track. Her rapid fire rhyming style is reminiscent of previous projects like “Kay Ivey” and “Money Rose”. In “Oh Shoot” Ranna plays both shooter and victim, rapping from each perspective.

With her dynamic energy level and high octane personality, Ranna’s latest venture is her very own channel “RannaTV”. She plans to unleash celebrity interviews, new music visuals, and outlandish material stamped with her own unique signature. When asked to describe this latest outlet, Ranna said, “Expect the unexpected.”

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