Rapper Clay James and Fashion Designer Darius “KD” Graham link back up to launch Bliss Clothing Company’s “Black Collection“

Bliss first launched in 2007 by Darius “KD” Graham as a skate company, because KD was heavy into skating and graphic designing. These two things provided him with his BLISS, which by definition means perfect happiness; great joy. The logo consists of crossed skate wheel trucks with a yellow halo on top accompanied by wheels in green, purple, red, and blue. Green represents money, purple is royalty, red signifies power, and blue stands for loyalty. In 2010, KD linked up with Clay James and the two became business partners. Together they’ve had placements on the tv show X-Factor, BET, VH1, and MTV. Some notable people to wear the brand have been MGK, Mary Mary, Travis Porter, Roscoe Dash, Domani Harris, Malaysia Pargo, Bambi, K.Camp, Sy Ari Da Kid, & many more. The brand took a short hiatus because Clay was pursuing his music career and KD was operating a thriving graphic design business called DNA Customs, but now the two have relaunched the brand with a “Black Collection” all of their top selling items have been released in black for a limited time only.

Shop http://www.GodBlissAmerica.com

IG: @WhoIsClayJames

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