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[Video] Digga Famous – Cheap Talk | @Digga_Famous

Digga Famous knows that in the rap game you must flood the streets to get your name out there. When you’re first coming up, you need to prove you are desperate to take over the music industry. This is especially the case when you represent the culture and your city. After amicably losing his verified Instagram account, Digga Famous sent us the visual to “cheap talk” the street song was dropped off last year but recently sent to us. Back in November 2019 Houston Texas rapper,  Digga Famous lost access to his verified account and currently using @diggafamous after losing access to his verified Instagram @digga_famous

Though, Digga Famous have dropped off several singles from “what you have”, “don’t want beef” and decently “cause I’m balling” on January 23 2020.

Cheap Talk video

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