Daily Bread Entertainment CEO Benji Stone’s second mixtape effort “Thinkin’ Out Loud” is keeping the same energy of diversity as his debut Mixtape “Yo Beat Aint Safe” but this project from front to back has completely original production. You can instantly hear the growth on the title track “Thinkin’ Out Loud” which was the perfect way to start off the project. Benji still keeps it hood on tracks like “Call It How I See It”, and “Timin'” as well as an ode to his neighborhood and a shout out to westcoast legend “WC”(also from the same neighborhood) on “Like Dub C”. He then smoothly transitions to more uptempo turn up tracks like ; “ICU”, About A B**%h and “Add To The Bag”. The tape culminates with more thought provoking and complex songs like; “Lead Us Not” (feat. Jet Life signee Black Cobain) and “In The Event”. After listening to this body of work, from beat selection to song placement down to the skits, you immediately get album vibes. Overall this project shows the potential Benji Stone has to keep up with the best in the business. The sky is just the beginning.

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