All stars aligned in Brooklyn, New York on October 19,1993 Devin “Vinde Papers” Yard was born. In 2009 he began to rap, he discovered that he could structure and create a flow with a unique rhyme & rhythm that could not be duplicated. Over the years Vinde has evolved in his development as a rap artist releasing songs such as Blue Hawaiian, Sweatshop, and Back to Cali just to name a few. He continues to consistently work to perfect his craft through his dedication and passion for his music to share with the world.

Vinde Papers got his first break while working with Dj Webstar, where he assisted with the creation of a song at which also became a dance titled “All IN”. Vinde is such a unique rap artist that it has afforded him the opportunity to share the stage with some of the biggest names in the music industry such as: Meek Mill, Young Gotti, Lil Uzi, Fab and so many more. Due to his undeniable talent as a rap artist he has been featured on Maino album. Maino quotes “I’ve been watching this kid since I first met him, he’s got a different sound for the city.” Vinde has become a very seasoned artist.

As a member of D.O.D (Definition of Dreams) under team 80, Vinde is currently working his first mixtape titled B.I.G.A.F (Before I Go Any Further) since being home after four years from incarceration. Once this mixtape is released it will display his ability of versatility and his unique sound in his music. Vinde Papers is a natural born star and is ready for the best if not the best!

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