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Born in the city of Newport News, Virginia also known as Bad News Va, Rashon Brown has grown through the concrete and sets his eyes to blossom in the music industry. Rashon began his career as an aspiring rapper by the name of Losk33 at a young age. Growing up in this area allowed LoSk33 to soak up a variety of flavor from the melting pot of Va. At 14 years old, Loskee’s path to music began in school by while taking music lessons. A year later, an epiphany came as he toyed with rapping and found that he was better than the average kid at his age. “It was my gift and I ran with it”, says Losk33. Foreseeing the stagnation of good music on the party scene, Losk33 set his target market as club music blended with a taste of real life testimonials. Amidst a growing fan base that he feels that will grow with his career, Losk33’s biggest fans are his kids. The father of two and also a strong believer in God, Loskee’s strength and ambition lies in the fact that if it wasn’t for his belief in God, he wouldn’t be where he is at in life and definitely not where he is going. As a student of the music industry, Losk33 eyes the business savvy of T.I. and the talents of Kevin Gates with the musical prose of YFN Lucci as a guiding force to set his own stamp on the industry. “The key to my happiness and success is having a stress free life and family wealth”, states the hungry Losk33 as he strengthens his roots and breaks through the concrete of Bad News Va.

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