“A.Howell” is a talented, motivational, artist, and producer with a strong touch of being inspirational by using his talents to express himself through music about his life. “I just want to be as honest as possible. I only try my best to do what I feel, if I don’t feel it I don’t do it.” A.Howell, born as Antavious Howell was raised in Warrenton, GA. A small rural town that’s about 120 miles east from Atlanta, GA and 35 miles west from Augusta, GA. “Since about 4 years old I’ve been musically inclined.” His mother is a pastor of a church in Warrenton. His father is a truck driver. Being raised by both parents being influenced by both molded him to become the young man he’s became. Right now, A.Howell is a “Master Barber Stylist” that serves Evans, GA back to Warrenton, Ga while he’s pursing his music career. “I just want to motivate & encourage. I want to give you that feeling of making the impossible possible. I want to give you the ups & downs. Be a hundred percent honest. Also give my spiritual life because that’s who I am. I want to give you all of me.” A.Howell, released is first official project entitled “Welcome To Me” July 2014, 3 years. “The reason for taking this long break is just because of life. Sometimes when doing things by yourself, you can do what you can, what you’re not able to do at that present you won’t be able to until you can. I never stop doing anything musically, just could pursue or push anything at that moment because I had to put focus on other things that really need the attention at the time.” Releasing his sophomore project on March 23, “Shadows”, “This represents the darkest period I’ve had in my life so far. From relationships, possibly expecting a son, family, & just personal development pushed to vent about some things I had balled up in me. I’ve gotten to the point where I have to let them go & the only way is through my music.”

You can also follow him on
IG, Twitter, SC @ahowellworld


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